A Rigorous 21st-Century Education: What Is The IB Programme?

Students and their parents often find it challenging to choose the right academic path, but to make things easier, students can enroll for the international baccalaureate programme at an international school Singapore to enjoy the various educational paths available for students in Singapore.

The norm for most students in Singapore, once they complete their O’Levels, is to take A-Levels or proceed to a polytechnic, but these days, there is another potential choice that people are setting their sights upon which is Singapore International Baccalaureate programme. In a baccalaureate programme, the student has to take some Singapore IB subjects and pass them all. The programme is divided into different parts which are;

  1. Primary Year Program
  2. Middle Year Program
  3. Diploma Program

How to pass the Singapore IB Subjects in the Diploma Program

  • Understand and be prepared for the workload. Know what is expected of you, such as the subjects that you are required to choose, the 4000-word research paper that you must submit, your log record of extracurricular activities, and your internal and external assessments.
  • Have the right mindset to excel in your Singapore IB subjects.
  • Manage your time properly and be self-disciplined. Stick to deadlines as teachers of your Singapore IB subjects will not chase you to submit assignments or classwork. You have to be able to stay focused on all the things that you have to do.

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