Your Home Highlight: How to Make Your Balcony Appealing

Balcony spaces hold so much potential, but often, many won’t tap into that same potential. Leaving it bare a wasted opportunity. With the right tools and innate creativity, you can completely transform your balcony to make it the most appealing place to be in your house. To help you out, here are some of the tips that can help you spruce up the balcony of your home.

Your Own Indoor Garden

Being surrounded in a concrete jungle, who doesn’t wish to be surrounded with lush greenery? There is always an option of heading to your nearest park, but why do that when you have your very own mini garden? The serenity can be replicated with a few indoor plants – whether they are planted in-house or out in the balcony. Unless you’re opting for those fancy plants, this will cost you close to nothing. It’s a cheap tip that can easily boost the visual of your home.

The only things you need are common household plants, bought or self-planted, and the interior design sense to organize them tastefully. You can put some in planters or even in used containers, if you feel environmentally friendly. Hanging them from the ceiling is also another viable option, but only if the said plant is light enough. Besides natural houseplants, you can opt for artificial plants. For instance, you can add texture with synthetic turf grass to give you the feel reminiscent of the natural grass. As the finishing touch, perhaps install elegant french windows to bring in as much sunlight as possible.

Create A Separate Workspace

Apart from the conventional mini-garden, you can transform your balcony into a cosy workspace. If you don’t mind working in a small area, the balcony is a perfect sanctuary. Not only will you have a designated area for work, but you will also get ample sunlight while you’re occupied in your activities. You can go for either a small regular table occupying one end or a rectangular bar table and place it across the longitudinal side. If you worried about the conduciveness aspect but still wish to make the best out of the small space, engage in an interior design consultancy firm and watch them do their magic.

Make Your Balcony An Extension of The Living Room

Seeing as how houses in Singapore are small as it is, you might be considering using the balcony as an extension of your living room. You can do this on your own by placing two or three plus chairs and have them face the living room. If you wish for a more seamless finish, you can engage in a landed property interior design firm. They will tear down the partition that separates the two areas to combine them into one.

A Safe Haven

Delegate the balcony as a safe space for a well-deserving respite after a long day of work. Soak up the sun and curl with a book in a hammock or a recliner. Raise the bamboo shades if you want some good ole vitamin D or lower them if you need some privacy.


Despite being smaller compared to the other areas, your balcony can easily be the highlight of your home if you do it right. You can follow these tips to spruce up your balcony or have a blast interpreting and give the area your own colour. Better yet, have it professionally done when you consult a design firm and they might just offer an interior design package that checks all the boxes in your checklist.

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