5 Tips For Addressing A Rodent Infestation In The Home

Rodents can make your life extremely difficult. These four-legged pests include mice, rats and others, and if left to their own devices, they could cause havoc. Most of the time you can find them nibbling away at electrical wires, books or papers that may contain confidential information, spoiling your clothes and shoes as well. Apart from being a nuisance inside of your home, they also bring with them diseases. You are most likely to find them scouring in dirty, dark and cluttered places. However, if you keep your home clean, you can potentially rid your life free from these rodents.

If you have yet to get started, here are 5 ways that can help you deal with the rodents in your home.

Using baits and traps

Most of these rodents usually get accustomed to their habits, making them easy to track. For example, skid marks on the kitchen or the room floors are signs that rodents may have been there. If they usually appear in the same places, you can lay down baits in the hopes that they will take it.

Traps are another way of catching these four-legged rodents. By removing them from the vicinity that they frequent, there’s a higher chance that they will not be able to trace their way back. The skid marks are an indication of the places that they frequent.

Sealing the entry points

It could be possible that most of these rodents have come from outside of your home. Thus, you should seek entryways and block them so that you can prevent further infestation. Some of the places that rodents find easy to enter include windows, vents, and through tiny openings around the house.

De-clutter your home

It is in cold, dingy places where you will find the hideouts of rodents. Whether it is in your storeroom, basement or bedroom, you should look to keep the places clutter-free. Having enough space to move can make cleaning much more comfortable and make your home a less conducive place for rodents to hide. Not just that, but annoying pests such as termites are less likely to be present in your house too.

Getting a cat

It is a well-known fact that rodents don’t like cats. Getting a cat makes them frightened and scamper for safety, and those that are left behind will become a meal to the cat. The only major downside to this solution is if you are allergic to cats as you would have to keep one around for a long time, or at least until all the rodents are free from your home.

Call the experts

While getting rid of rodents on your own might not be all too difficult, you can always ask for help. Hiring a qualified pest control company that is capable of aiding your situation is always a big help. If you have other areas that need tackling, such as termite control services due to the clutter in your home, they are always on-hand to help you out. Be sure to read reviews and testimonials before signing on the dotted line and ensure that you have hired the right company for your troubles.

Once you have the problem all under control, you can put preventive measures in place so that it never comes back again.

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