Say Your Final Goodbyes To A Beloved With A Funeral Service

A lot of people have interchangeably used funeral and memorial service. Although the essence behind the two is essentially the same, funeral service has the body present while in memorial service, there are only the memories.

When someone we love dies, funeral or memorial services help us formalize our grief by allowing us to say our gratitude and apologies. A funeral service also provides the immediate family of the deceased to gather a support group that could console and inspire them to move forward productively.

When planning funeral services for a lost love one, it is important to think of the following to ensure that the service remains to be peaceful and honorable:

  1. What to do with the body?
  2. Who will officiate?
  3. Who will deliver the eulogy?
  4. Are there prayer readings? Religious masses?
  5. What kind of music will honor the deceased?
  6. What will be on the engravings?
  7. Would you want a webcast?
  8. Would there be flowers or just pray cards?
  9. Is food going to be served or will it be potluck?

Nowadays, it’s been more difficult to observe these traditions specifically with social distancing in place. There could be a few tweaks here and there to fully transfer the ceremony or service online. But as of the moment, it is still able to capture the essence of having one as far as commemoration and proper farewell are concerned.

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