2020 Trends: 7 Highly-Rated Package Design Inspirations

2020 is set to make several transitions in the design niche, with packaging being one of the sectors to benefit. In this new decade, we all expect to see new designs and trends, and, cannot wait longer for them to hit the limelight.

A product with an excellent packaging design will have a butterfly effect – one product alone can initiate Instagrammers to post on their feed, share with friends and peers about the unique design, or even be noticed by a renowned celebrity or a distinguished news or blog site.

So, what kind of trends are we expecting in the year 2020? We’re going to touch on colours, layouts, and the different designs you can go for. Time to look into the different trends that’ll help your product shine more than ever before!


One, two, three of the same pattern is never enough. The classic design of “the more, the merrier” concept will always stay as a favourite among consumers.

It gives a sense of consistency and unity, even improving readability when designed appropriately. For instance, if your business is in the beauty industry – repeat gorgeous, floral patterns of contrasting colours; the end-result will look mesmerising.

And just like wrapping paper with tons of repetition patterns, you can do the same for gift boxes. Consumers will be completely entranced and perhaps, even give your product a try.

Ecologically aware packaging

More and more people are showing concern for the environment nowadays, as a way of preserving natural resources and improving nature and the animals’ livelihood. However, many brands know the importance of incorporating this type of packaging in their business, and the lack of resources available makes it tougher for businesses to take hold of this trend.

What does this mean, then?

Brands and businesses have to start being more creative in 2020, to find other environmentally-friendly packaging options to current materials used. Still, that isn’t the only difficult part of including this type of material to your packaging – design will prove to be a challenge too.

Non woven and cardboard aren’t like your usual materials; they require more effort and brainstorming to come up with a unique design that stands out with the crowd.

Pastel colours

Being environmentally-friendly in your packaging doesn’t just lie in the material. See the bigger picture – it’s about the whole packaging.

Your choice of colours, particularly pastel, is also another way to show your concern for the environment. Pastel just gives off a comforting and calming feeling, giving the impression of being neutral and has a connection to nature.

It has already taken centre stage in this new decade among businesses in the beauty and organic food industry. And we’re going to see more of it in many brands whose mission is to help Mother Nature.

Customers will instantly “feel” the warmth exuded by the packaging design, and they are sure to give your product a glance, or even buy it in the end. Take, for instance, cotton bag printing – you can throw in such colours and consumers will feel compelled to purchase the product for its stylish yet simple look.

Neatly structured layouts

There’s just something about structure that manages to reel anyone in.

It carries the design, brings forward a sense of order and balance to design, making it one of the go-to designs these days when it comes to packaging.

Especially when you want to give a little “sneak peek” before the consumer even reaches out to the product – it’ll give them the information they need. It’s not just about the layout, though; typography is key.

Use a combination of different fonts – not too many nor too little, and use lines to segment the content into neat and proportionate spaces. This will heighten the readability thanks to a sense of structure. Match it with a minimalistic design, and you’re good to go!

Center around story-telling

Everyone loves a good story; it’s just a lot more convincing for customers to buy a product.

This trend particularly applies to lots of e-commerce businesses – customers don’t have the privilege of seeing or touching the product in person; everything entirely lies on the appearance of the product in the catalogue page.

Your packaging design is the star of the show – at least before the customer is greeted by the product. Take Divine Chocolate, for instance, throughout the packaging for their chocolate bars – you’ll always find their lavish gold script logo, constantly serving as a reminder to the customers of the fine quality and extravagant chocolate experience awaiting within.

Not to mention, raised metallic ink is used to print the logo – making the packaging extra, visually appealing for customers. Even their design itself has a particular meaning behind it! Every one of the symbols (derived from Ghanian culture) represents a virtue which the brand values greatly. Such as Nkrumakese, which stands for greatness and quality, while Dua Afe represents life and beauty.

Packaging can be taken to a whole new level, you’ve just got to be creative and ultimately, link it back to your branding.

Maximalism and intricacy

We love us some minimalistic designs, but let’s show some love to maximalism too, shall we?

Your packaging design can, go either way, there’s no right or wrong – it all depends on what you’re trying to display. If grandeur and luxury is the answer – maximalism is the way to go.

Right now, the global economy is at a slower pace – there’s an extra need to stand out and grab the attention of your consumers. They crave for a luxury experience and the best way for them to get that is to do it with design.

Go for richer, deeper colour palettes filled with magnificent graphics. Together with a gloss or matte finishing, it’ll bring forward an opulent experience. Such designs are set to encourage prospects into buying your products.

Voila, you’re all set and ready to make some designs of your own to pull in all those customers, so go on and get started!

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