The Sustainability Of Non-Woven Bags: 7 Advantages To Know

Bags are of prime importance in our daily lives – be it for work, school, shopping, groceries, and many other essentials. Without one, the struggle to carry all the items with just two bare hands will be unreal, literally.

Which is why a bag’s durability, strength, and lifetime are all crucial factors in determining a bag’s ability in aiding our basic needs. However, these days – those aren’t the only aspects people are looking into.

The use of alternative packaging for products and goods have become common globally, as a way of contributing to conservative and environmentally-friendly efforts. Environmentalists have continued to advocate for the use of alternatives, which are kinder to the surrounding, and eventually came up with non woven bags as one of the solutions.

Still, that isn’t the only benefit to a non woven bag. Read on to discover the other exciting advantages of non woven bags businesses should know and capitalise on!

Environmental sustainability

Say no more to any harm to our cherished environment, non woven bags are 100% recyclable. Burning them will not have have any negative impact on the environment as it is completely biodegradable, meaning that you won’t find any toxic fumes or chemicals!

You don’t have to throw them away after usage, and it’s up to you to reuse the bag or let it go down the recycling chute.

On the other hand, alternatives like a canvas tote bag are also available if you ever want to switch things up a little to give your consumers more options.


Non woven bags are great for their reusability. Consumers can use them for as many times as they wish.

Their durability must be an attribute that ensures one can reuse the bags several without times wear and tear. It removes the need for consumers to pay extra when getting additional bags as they already have one long-lasting bag on hand.

They just have to remember to pack it with them whenever they’re heading out!


It is not just about saving the environment, but also about collecting some extra coins.

Instead of buying bags continuously, consumers can use the ones they have again when they intend to purchase other items. Plus, it means you don’t have to produce too large of an amount and save on manufacturing expenses on your end.

The fact that you can reuse these bags also makes them kind to your consumer’s wallet; they’ll appreciate the thoughtful gesture and be more inclined to purchase your product again in the future.


Non woven bags are easy to fold and carry, nothing beats a more convenient bag such as this. Whenever you’re not using it, just fold it into a neat square, and keep it safely in your pocket.

Especially since they’re lightweight as well, it makes for an even excellent option for consumers who are always on the go.

Economically feasible

This is especially true for companies and businesses. The fact that non woven bags do not require weaving means that they are cheaper to create than other options.

In other words, when you have a huge demand to meet – rest assured that you won’t be spending heaps of money as you can produce a vast quantity, and still save plenty.


Created by using polypropylene polymers and spinning them into long strands of fluffy threads, these threads are then pressed together to achieve a flexible fabric which comes with a weave-like texture.

As such, it makes the fabric washable and even breathable. Keeping it clean won’t be a  hassle, and it is ideal for use with almost all products, including perishables.

As long as harsh chemicals are not used while washing, just detergent, and you’re golden!


Just like cotton bag printing, it is possible for non woven bags to have their own customisable designs. This has become extremely important among consumers; people want an aesthetic design, so bringing the bag around keeps them looking sleek.

More importantly, it’s a good way to give a shoutout for your brand. Embellish your company logo and information on the bag easily – it’s a great way of advertising yourself and sharing stories about your brand to customers buying your products.

Who knows, you may even attract new, potential customers as well!

Now that you’ve seen the brilliant perks of non woven bags, it’s time you give it a go and see how much it can do in boosting brand awareness for your business!

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