What You Need to Know About Term Debt & Revolving Debt

Obtaining a quick loan to boost your business is common for many business people. To help you find out what type of instant loan best suits your business, you need to understand the difference between term and revolving debt. Your business requires two types to run successfully. Each of them is best suited for certain financial and business needs, and it is up to you to understand which is the best to take and when to take it.

Here’s everything you need to know about the difference between term debt and revolving debts.

Term Debt

The term debt loan has a set of payment scheduled for up to several months or years. One instance is borrowing a loan of $30,000 and paying back with a monthly deposit over four or five years. Term debt loans have a fixed interest rate with set monthly payments, making them easy to take into account for your finances. Term debts allow for bigger loans as compared to revolving debts. However, it takes more time to qualify for a term debt than it is for revolving debts. An excellent example of a term debt is obtaining a debt consolidation loan in Singapore.

Revolving Debts

For revolving debt, you are required to pay back the money you have obtained quickly. Many revolvers require borrowers to have zero balance at a given period during the year. This means that you are required to pay everything you owe to the borrower within a year. Failing to do so could push the licensed moneylender to press charges or close your revolving line of credit.

When Should You Borrow Term Debt Loan

If you are looking for a long-term investment to boost your business, term debt loan is a good option. Investments such as purchasing new machinery or renovating your business are good examples of when to take a term debt loan. You should seek enough payment period so that you are able to pay back the loan on time. Borrowing a revolving loan for such a large project is much like fixing your business. Paying off your term debt loan in a year is not enough unless you are able to source funds from an external source.

When Should You Borrow A Revolving Debt

Revolving debts are a loan that is best suited for helping to purchase inventory, handling debts, making payrolls, or any other short-term financial needs. Such expenses may come up much more frequently and are less predictable. A revolver loan, as it is famously known in Singapore, can help you to pay off such debts. Revolver loans are smaller and are able to be paid within a short period. You should know the financial capability of your business, and only take a revolving debt loan that your business can handle.


From the explanations above, you shouldn’t burden your business with the wrong type of financing option. You should know what your business requires and make a decision that will not put your business into more financial problems. It is best to work out a financial plan that will work best for your business. While both loans are equally important, you should decide between the types of loans as you look to grow your business.

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