4 Design Idea To Enhance Productivity Levels In The Office

A successful business always has a workforce that is built on 3 factors: efficiency, effectiveness and productivity; elements that are heavily influenced by the employee’s physical, emotional and mental state of minds. Whilst it may not be overt, an office space has a significant role in affecting these three aspects.

Office spaces can motivate the employees to constantly give their best at work, even if it may seem farfetched. In fact, researches have attributed office space and design to the physical and mental wellness of the workers, thus translating to productivity levels. Here are some of the design ideas you may want to incorporate in your office space for rent.

1. Create A Cozy Feeling With Colors And Decorations

It is important to note that whilst offices are not personal homes, they still need to bring comfort to the employees. Having employees who are comfortable and are at ease translates to less stress, which will increase their productivity.

Neutral colours are often preferred over dark and bright colours, as they tend to reflect light, thus making the office brighter. Unlike bright colours, neutral colours are easy on the eyes and less distracting. To spice up your space, you can add a pop of colour here and there. For instance, in a monochromatic room, a couch in a warm mustard hue is enough to bring another dimension to the overall visual. You can also add well-laid decorations such as plants, pictures and paintings into the mix.

2. Invest In Healthy Working Conditions

Having a desk job often alludes to spending an average of 8 hours sitting on your chairs. This sedentary work lifestyle can pose several health risks, especially to the spine. Thus,  installing comfortable ergonomic chairs is crucial. You can afford to go further by taking steps to promote a healthy working lifestyle. This may include supplying with fruits and other healthy snacks. Apart from physical health, being healthy also does wonders to one’s mental health.  

3. Go Paperless

In today’s age, computers and digital technology have set the foundation of modern business models. Records are no longer stored in manual databases anymore. By taking up a digital model, you not only reduce the manual workload, it takes less time and effort to finish a certain task. Not only does this translate to work efficiency, but you’d also be maximising your bottom line. Furthermore, if you wish to track information and data, you can do so with just a click of a button.

4. Light Up The Office

If it appears dull, light it up! Natural light, especially, allows you to stay focused at work, improve your mood and reduce fatigue. Be selective when hunting for an office space for lease and pick ones that have large windows. The best option is to have windows that face the south as they receive the most sunlight out of the other orientations. If you don’t have many options, you can always opt to install additional lights. Consider installing light bulbs that are at 5,000 colour temperature as it mimics the noon daylight.


As a business owner, productivity, efficiency and effectiveness are some of the things you’d need to prioritise. With us, all of these are within reach. Our offices are designed to alleviate stress and promote mental healthiness, which will boost productivity and efficiency. Enjoy the perks of a tranquil green modern office space today!

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