What Kind Of Plastic Bag To Use For Your Corporate Gift

When most people think of plastic bags, they think of the typical disposable plastic bags that you get from the grocery store.

However, plastic bags are much more diverse than that! They come in all shapes and sizes, with varying functionality. While you may be spoilt for choice, having options is never a bad thing -here is a plastic bag to fit any of your company’s needs.

There are plenty of plastic bag suppliers in Singapore who provide a variety of quality products. But your bag choices should be informed by several factors, including the volume and type of items you are placing inside the bags.

On the other hand, if you get a more sturdy, reusable variety of plastic bag, the bag itself can act as a gift. Here are some of the common plastic bags on the market and their respective advantages.

Singlet and die-cut

Singlet and die-cut plastic bags are your bread-and-butter plastic bags! Flexible and resilient, they can hold just about anything from food to stationery.

These bags are perfect when you have an assortment of corporate gifts to hand out to your customers in a complete package. Place a few brochures or company cards in there for good measure.

These two bags are similar in make and sturdiness but differ in the location of their handles. Singlet bags have handles along the “side” of the bag, while die-cut bags have handles cut into the front and back of the bag.

As such, singlet bags have a more flexible structure, and can effectively hold things of varying shapes. In contrast, die-cut bags have a more stable structure, and can hold their flat shape well. If your gifts are mostly flat, like books, planners and foolscap – die-cut bags are your go-to option!

To summarise, singlet bags are best for gift packs with items of varying shapes, while die-cut bags are best for flat items. While these bags are generally parked under the “disposable” category of plastic bags, they are more affordable to compensate.


Ziploc bags are reusable plastic storage bags that can be sealed with a plastic zipper.

These bags are not just incredibly durable and versatile, but they are also highly water-resistant – keeping the items inside safe from water damage! As such, Ziploc bags are practical, motivating customers to use them often. With your company’s logo on the bag, you can expect a lot of free promotion. So, kudos to you!

Customers get a good deal as well. Ziploc bags see use everywhere, in the household and at work.

Whether they use it as a pencil case, to organise their home, or as a make-shift envelope, customers are guaranteed to be satisfied with this practical bag.

But this isn’t the only type of corporate gift you can impress customers with – customised red packets are a type of compact gift which packs a big punch! Engage in red packet printing services and craft uniquely designed red packets to take your customers’ breaths away.


A polyvinyl chloride (PVC) bag can be a whole gift by itself – large and transparent – these bags are a trendy alternative to the traditional leather handbag!

Being made of lightweight plastic, carrying them around is a breeze. And with a spacious interior and glossy exterior, PVC bags are both practical and fashionable.

If you are more concerned about the promotional potential, PVC bags are no slouch in that department either! The ample space on the exterior provides plentiful room for your company’s advertising. Not to mention, its transparency can also be used to craft creative designs, which would then encourage more use.
To sum up, the main draw of this bag over others is its reusability and prominence, so having a beautiful design is essential.


Plastic bags can accommodate any need. Use them to contain your corporate gifts or use them as gifts themselves. So long as you engage a reliable plastic bag supplier with first-rate printing facilities, your brand can expect to get a lot of exposure.
Still, it is good to consider other types of bags as well. In particular, paper bags have their own advantages, accommodating a different set of aesthetic choices.

We offer both plastic bag and paper bag printing services. Feel free to consult our friendly staff for any queries on the myriad of packaging products and services that we offer.

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