4 Creative Gift Ideas To Ensure Your Present is Truly Special

No matter the celebration, we give gifts to show appreciation to those who matter to us. So when your special someone’s birthday comes around, it’s natural to want to give them the best gift you can afford. And what better way to complement your thoughtful gifts than with equally beautiful packaging? A fantastic personalised gift box can get your recipient excited to open the present, making the reveal all the more thrilling. Without a doubt, it will elevate your gift to the next level.

If you are running short on ideas to decorate your gift packaging, here are some splendid gift box decoration ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Use recyclables

Want to make a gorgeous gift box without buying a whole bunch of materials? Then try making a gift box out of materials that you already have! Using recyclables is a fantastic technique for those with paper bags lying around the house, or for those with an environmentally-conscious loved one they want to impress.

Paper bags are great for this because they often come with interesting designs. The material is also super simple to work with. They are easy to cut and fold into the shape that you want, and respond well to glue.


Origami is art made by folding paper. There are plenty of step-by-step tutorials online instructing you on how to create beautiful patterns using only paper. With this simple technique, you can adorn your gift box with several wonderful creations. Animals, flowers or abstract shapes – the sky is the limit.

If you want to go with a more classic design with a unique twist, you can try making a paper bow for your customised gift box. One great thing about paper is that it is an affordable, environmentally-friendly, cost-effective alternative to many other disposable decorations. It gives you tremendous freedom in crafting designs as well.

Rustic wrapping and leaf printing

In this famous garden city, leaves and branches are a common sight all around Singapore. Why not take advantage of these free art pieces for your gift box? If curated carefully, petite sticks can be an exotic addition to your gift box.

The same goes for leaves, as their vibrant green, glowing yellow or vintage brown colours can easily complement a bunch of gift box themes. However, since they can wilt, it would be best to use them for celebrations happening soon after you prepare the gift.

In the case of celebrations coming a bit later, you can do leaf printing to give your gift box a natural vibe, without worrying about the time-sensitive leaves. Just paint over one side of the leaf and press it down onto the box. The leaf will leave behind a lovely silhouette in the colour of your choice. Combine different shapes and sizes of leaves, and various colours of paint to make a truly outstanding gift box.

Contrasting colours

The colours you choose can make or break your personally customised gift box. Randomly combining colours may sound like a decent idea at first, but it can make your gift box look bizarre and messy. With deliberate colour choices, your thoughtfulness and effort will shine through. Complementary colours can give your gift box a coherent, appealing look. Similarly, contrasting colours can make your design pop, creating an eye-catching display.

Several unique themes work on this principle. For example, you can create a chalkboard theme by using black wrapping paper and writing or painting over it in white. Different events also could call for varying colour palettes. A baby shower gift may call for pastel or bright colours, while a birthday gift would depend on the birthday boy or girl’s preferences.

Buy it pre-made

Even if you aren’t too confident about your artistic abilities, several gift shops provide aesthetic pre-made personalised gift boxes. To make sure that your gift box truly shines, you’ll want to select a shop that is reputed for their quality products. With customised gift boxes, you won’t be disappointed. Its classy designs and high-quality printing for your personalised messages are backed up by a ton of satisfied customers.

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