Quick Guide To Disinfecting During The COVID-19 Pandemic

When COVID19 pandemic first reared its head, the entire world immediately picked up bottles of sanitisers and soaps as one of their first defences against the novel coronavirus. It becomes paramount that one takes extra care when cleaning their homes or offices as places with high foot traffic increases the significant risk of transmission. Since the virus primarily spread through contact and respiratory droplets, the possibility of bringing the virus back home is also worth consideration. What’s even more worrying, the virus can stay on surfaces for up for 24 to 72 hours, depending on the type of surfaces.

If you’re wondering how to change your cleaning routine to make space for COVID19 disinfection, this guide will show you how.

Differentiating Cleaning And Disinfecting

Before you start your cleaning and disinfecting efforts, you’ll need to first know the difference between cleaning and disinfecting. Cleaning may physically remove germs, dirt and impurities, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the germs are killed. Disinfecting, however, effectively kills the germs that are on various surfaces.

In order to get the best possible results, you’d want to first disinfect high touchpoint areas and proceed to remove the germs with regular cleaning methods.

Areas You’d Want To Pay Attention To

Whilst disinfecting and cleaning is the crucial step to eliminating any germs and viruses, it doesn’t mean that you’d need to do so day in and day out. The key areas that you’ll want to tackle are high touchpoint surfaces, such as light switches, doorknobs, armrests and the like. Frequent areas such as toilets should also be disinfected, and be sure to wash all upholstery and porous items, such as bedsheets and blankets, regularly.

Getting The Right Chemical Agents

Luckily, you don’t need to scour for products that are exclusive to the killing and removal of this novel coronavirus.

For precautionary cleaning, detergent and water are sufficient. For disinfection, general household products that contain the appropriate concentrations of active ingredients, such as accelerated hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite, isopropanol and chloroxylenol, are adequate. However, do take note of the differing effective contact time and concentrations of each respective active ingredient that is required to eliminate the virus. You may want to take a step further and do your due diligence by researching the types of chemical agents that are best suited for your home and family.

Whilst these cleaning and disinfection agents are generally safe for use, prolonged exposure to such chemicals may cause discomfort and distress amongst occupants. To prevent this from happening, you’ll want to ensure that there’s adequate ventilation during and after cleaning and disinfestation. Allow the surfaces to thoroughly dry before touching them. You’d also want to keep young children away from these areas until they are completely dry.

Also ensure that you wear disposable gloves and surgical masks at all times, to protect yourself from both the virus and the irritants found in some disinfectants. Avoid touching your face, eyes and nose until you’ve washed your hands.

Practising Good Personal Hygiene

Apart from regularly cleaning and disinfecting your home and workplace, having good personal hygiene is paramount. Be sure to thoroughly wash your wands with soap for at least 20 seconds continuously to kill and remove the germs effectively. Refrain from touching your face unless you’ve done so.

What Else Can Do?

Apart from doing your part, you can also consider engaging the services of a professional cleaning company in Singapore. This is especially so if the areas are too big for a sole individual to tackle. Apart from saving you the time and effort you’d otherwise spend on cleaning and disinfecting, these professionals are also equipped with the technical know-how to do an excellent job. Whether it’d be general cleaning or a deep and thorough, they’d be able to meet all your concerns. Let us be the cleaning company that help you safeguard your health against COVID19.

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