4 Changes To Take Note Of To Keep Your Office Clean

The cleanliness of an office is a common topic that’s brought up recently, especially in light of Covid-19. Beyond just the pandemic worry, maintaining a clean workspace is crucial as it affects the team’s well-being and productivity. Having a clean office will also help you make a better impression when clients or potential customers visit!

The best way to avoid cleanliness problems is to prevent them from occurring in the first place. Take a proactive approach – don’t wait until it is too late till you begin to see filthy floors, dusty corners and smelly restrooms.

By anticipating some changes in the office, you can be prepared and save yourself and the team from a bigger mess from emerging!

1. Weather

During the monsoon seasons in Singapore, there will be a surge in heavy rain and strong winds. The rain would cause an increase in wet and muddy footprints, debris and other mess in your office. This should be considered when planning on how frequent your office would need cleaning.

Some ways to proactively plan for these changes could be scheduling frequent professional carpet cleanings in advance or increasing the cleaning schedule.

2. Flu season

The flu season generally occurs between December and February, where people are at a higher risk of catching colds or the dreadful flu. There would be a high possibility that an ill person could bring these contagious germs with them and contaminate the office, making more people around sick. Not all cleaning agents are designed to combat such germs, so it is important to ensure you have the proper disinfecting and sanitising agents.

Regular cleaning and sanitising high-touch areas like doorknobs, washrooms and desks are necessary as they carry many germs and bacteria. Getting a professional office cleaning company in Singapore would save you the trouble as they are highly trained and equipped with all the essential cleaning products to disinfect and sanitise your office space.

3. Construction projects

Office construction projects can cause a huge amount of debris. During such projects, there may be an increase in dust, wood residues, paint splatters and many more. This could cause a harmful effect on your team’s health and severely impact a conducive working environment.

If your office is expected to have any remodelling or repairs, notify your office cleaning company beforehand to manage the situation and reduce the unsightly mess that constructions would create.

4. Foot traffic

When you have a high frequency of people entering and leaving the office, it is only natural that the office would be dirtier. For example, if the office is hosting an event or a meeting where a higher number of visitors is expected, keeping the office clean would be quite a challenge. Footwear could carry excessive amounts of germs, dirt and debris, and there will also be an increase in the amount of trash. Anticipate these events in advance and plan your office’s cleaning measures accordingly.


Keeping your office clean could be made easier when you anticipate the changes and plan ahead. Having a professional office cleaning company can greatly improve the cleanliness of the office and save you the time and trouble. Here, we provide the highest standards of cleaning services to ensure healthy, safe spaces. On top of our commercial cleaning services, we also offer residential cleaning services that cater to housing estates and residential buildings.

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