5 Steps You Must Follow for a Hassle-Free Property Sale

Selling a property is not as easy as it sounds. Especially if you are considering to sell a private property by yourself instead of the help of a good property agent in singapore.

There are a few things you need to consider and put in order to ensure the smooth and quick sale of the property.

Determine Asking Price

Determine the asking price of your property. You need to take your property to the market and get an estimated selling price. To get an estimated size you can browse online and see houses with the same value and size like yours go for. Ensure that you are satisfied with the price you come up with. Asking price will also depend on the location of the house and also for how long have you lived in it. You need to consider this carefully when selling home Singapore.

Chart Your Timeline

From the moment that you put your property on sale until you get a buyer. It will take up to three months for the complete sale of property. This means that if you were still living in the home it gives you ample time to move out.

Market Property

Once you have made sure that your property is appealing to potential buyers, and have also calculated all your finances. It is time to market your property through all platforms available. You can put ads in the newspaper with all the information needed concerning the property.

Conduct Viewing

Get your property ready for viewing once a few buyers have shown interest in the property. A trusted property agent Singapore can help you here.

Invite Buyer to Inspect Unit

As the sale comes to an end, you will have to move from the house. You then invite the tenant to come and inspect the vacant space before they can finally move in.This is to ensure that the house is still in good condition.

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