5 Possible Meanings Behind Giving A 99 Roses Bouquet

The rose will undeniably be the flower that holds the meaning of love in people’s minds and hearts for years and years to come.

Due to its unparalleled significance in the world of romance, people have come up with a language revolving around it and specific meanings depending on its number, colour, and variety in gifts.

Particularly, when it comes to the number of roses one includes in their bouquet of flowers – it holds extra significance and a deeper meaning of love and care. So, read on as we unfold the numerous meanings of 99 roses and what they stand for.

“I will love you until the day I die.”

99 roses, when offered in a deep red colour, convey the beautiful meaning of eternal love. When you wish to express your deepest desires for your significant other, there’s nothing more concise than with 99 roses meticulously arranged in a dazzling bouquet.

Expressing a promise of eternal love

Another message that a massive bouquet of 99 roses signifies is an everlasting romantic bond and relationship. If you wish to express and communicate your promise of expressing eternal love for your partner – offering this beautiful bouquet is the best way of doing so.

“Will you be mine forever?”

Unsurprisingly, the undertones of undying love in a bouquet of 99 roses is a perfect gift to offer when you’re proposing to the one you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Reinforce your proposal with the hidden message of “Will you be mine forever?” to effectively pull at their heartstrings and make their simple answer of “Yes” be all the more gratifying.

Undying love and devotion

With the help of a romantic and alluring hand bouquet in Singapore filled to the brim with 99 roses, there’s no better time nor way of expressing your most genuine desires and feelings to that special someone.

To make it all the more impactful, mix in a few other hues of pink, white, peach, and the like to create an arrangement that’s certain to convey your love.

Everlasting love

A bouquet comprising 99 roses is the perfect romantic gift for the only love in your life. If you want to express your love in the most unexpectedly romantic manner, you can have the bouquet delivered to your home or her office to surprise and brighten up their day.

99 roses hold prominent significance, and these, when arranged beautifully, help to express everlasting love. Along with this, you can also add some chocolates and treats to the combo.

 Gifting a bouquet of 99 roses is guaranteed to get that special someone to understand just how deep your love is for them. Since creating one on your own can be rather tricky, it’s better to search the web and order flowers online in Singapore to get the custom arrangement you desire. Alternatively, you can always approach us for assistance – we’re always open to listening to your requests, in turn, offering advice and suggestions for gifting the best flower bouquet. 99 roses bouquets aside, we also have plenty of other flower arrangements you can look forward to!

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